Ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials
Nanometric conductive lines for various applications


Nanoprinting system designed by XTPL makes it possible to precisely apply to the surface a special ink formulated for this purpose in the company’s laboratories. The heart of the XTPL technology is innovative printing head designed by company’s specialists. It operates on the basis of a unique algorithm & enables ultraprecise application of the ink with nanoparticles and formation of conductive lines.

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XTPL’s globally innovative technology enabling ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials and obtaining flexible, transparent, cost efficient & highly conductive lines will soon revolutionize sectors such as: printed electronics, flexible electronics, solar cells, touch screens, displays, wearables, smart packaging, automotive, biosensors, medical devices, anti-counterfeiting & open defect repair. XTPL provides also solutions for advanced research & prototyping as well as for the production of new generation of transparent conductive films.

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During the process of line formation, the printing head deposits a properly formulated ink – nanoparticles in a mixture of solvents – on a non-conductive substrate, in example such as glass or flexible foil.

An external alternating electric field causes nanoparticles to assemble in a clearly defined and controlled way to form a line. The process takes place between a stationary and movable electrode.

Movable electrode: guides the formation of the line, which becomes an extension of the stationary electrode. Finally, the printing head short-circuits with a metallic pad, and the line connects to the pad while the printing head takes in an excess ink.

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XTPL silver line hundreds times thinner than a human hair flexible, transparent, cost efficient & highly conductive.

Nanoprinting will soon revolutionise sectors such as: printed electronics, solar cells, touch screens, wearable electronics, smart packaging, biosensors, anticounterfeiting & open defect repair.

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In order to achive outstanding results XTPL creates own nanoink formulas with nanoparticles of: Ag, Au, Cu, CdS(QD), TiO2, ZnO; different possible shapes: spheres, wires, rods, rice.

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XTPL files prospect with the KNF. Wiesław Rozłucki appointed Chairman of the company’s supervisory board.

Three quarters ago, XTPL S.A. debuted on New Connect. Now the company is entering the final period before moving the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange as it has just filed the prospect with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). XTPL is actively supported by the former CEO and co-founder of the Warsaw […]

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Wiesław Rozłucki joins XTPLs Supervisory Board

The former president and co-founder of Giełda Papierów Wartościowych (the Warsaw Stock Exchange) has been appointed to XTPL SA’s Supervisory Board. He will actively support the Company’s capital market activities and its general corporate governance. – Why the decision to join such a young, emerging company? It’s because such innovative tech companies are exactly what […]

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