XTPL Submicron Lab Printer

Submicron Lab Printer
Plug and Play solution
to print ultra-fine lines


XTPL consistently pursuing commercialization of its breakthrough technology on the global market

With its absolutely ground-breaking nanomaterial printing technology, XTPL S.A. is in the process of making intensive preparations to enter the WSE main floor. At the same time, the company is actively pursuing the next stage of commercialization of its solutions on international markets. The main application segments to become the basis of the business development […]

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XTPL marches towards GPW (the Warsaw Stock Exchange) and the Frankfurt-based Open Market

Entering the main trading floor will open the doors to a wider group of potential institutional investors Dual listing will improve the company’s relationship with international contractors and investors The company is preparing to beta test an innovative printer and exploring new business opportunities The Wrocław-based XTPL, which is currently developing a breakthrough method of […]

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Transparency Extremely thin conductive lines eliminate the effect of light reflection (solar cells absorb more energy from the sun, while displays keep the same brightness using less power).
Conductance Our lines boast extremely good conductive properties. It is possible, because they are less than 1um wide, while staying relatively high.
Flexibility Properties of XTPL’s conductive lines enable their use on pliant surfaces, e.g. in flexible electronics.
Generally available and inexpensive materials Today our technology is based on silver, but we are planning to use copper and non-conductive materials in the nearest future.