XTPL Submicron Lab Printer

Submicron Lab Printer
Plug and Play solution
to print ultra-fine lines


Wiesław Rozłucki joins XTPLs Supervisory Board

The former president and co-founder of Giełda Papierów Wartościowych (the Warsaw Stock Exchange) has been appointed to XTPL SA’s Supervisory Board. He will actively support the Company’s capital market activities and its general corporate governance. – Why the decision to join such a young, emerging company? It’s because such innovative tech companies are exactly what […]

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Letter to Shareholders of XTPL

Dear Shareholders, “Ever since the dawn of the smartphone age, back when we started making serious money, everyone has been asking me how we have managed to build a 32-billion-dollar company on nothing but designing processors – without going into manufacturing and without a recognizable brand. To that, I have one answer: it’s because of […]

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Transparency Extremely thin conductive lines eliminate the effect of light reflection (solar cells absorb more energy from the sun, while displays keep the same brightness using less power).
Conductance Our lines boast extremely good conductive properties. It is possible, because they are less than 1um wide, while staying relatively high.
Flexibility Properties of XTPL’s conductive lines enable their use on pliant surfaces, e.g. in flexible electronics.
Generally available and inexpensive materials Today our technology is based on silver, but we are planning to use copper and non-conductive materials in the nearest future.