Nanometric Lab Printer is a device that offers necessary functionalities to test, evaluate and use XTPL line-forming technology with nanometric precision and enables positioning of the printing head with micrometric resolution. Printer’s electronics is a top-class control and measurement system ensuring that the process of printing is controlled both by software provided by XTPL and user systems. We deliver the printer with a set of inks, test substrates and a table that ensures proper fixing of samples and thermal control of the printing process. XTPL’s technology sets revolutionary standard in nanoprinting.

XTPL Nanometric Lab Printer is dedicated for:

  • R&D centres both scientific & commercial
  • Joint development projects with potential business partners
  • Further development & defining new functionalities in line with application areas


  • printer external dimensions – design for applications on a laboratory table printer ready for work:
    840 (W) x 720 (D) x 660 (H) mm
    printer ready for transport:
    900 (W) x 900 (D) x 700 (H) mm
  • working area X: 300 mm, Y: 300 mm, Z: 100 mm – providing comfort & wide working surface
  • printer weight approx. 100 kg with the printing head & ink set installed
  • positioning accuracy: 5 μm
  • positioning repeatability: 5μm
  • positioning resolution: 1μm – XYZ axes combined with optical tracking of the printing area
  • printing speed: depending on the dedicated application area
  • USB & ETH Ports for communication with control unit (Computer)
  • intuitive software solutions
  • operating environment:
    operating temperature fully depends on ink properties
    operating humidity: 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)
    no cleanroom environment required
  • power supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption: standard printing process approx. 500 W with standard substrate table including cooling & heating 2500 W
  • safety & certificates: CE


  • XY-axes ensuring fast & precise positioning
  • two separate Z-axes enabling separation of the ink dispensing process from the line forming process
  • precise vision system including high resolution camera
  • substrate table with cooling & heating
  • adaptable printing head modules


  • fully designed & developed own comprehensive solution
  • FPGA based technology that provides the best & the fastest currently available electronic control technology
  • system architecture based on a 32-bit ARM chip
  • integrated motion control system for all axes


  • intuitive and well known Windows 10 OS
  • rich set of documented commands for control & guidance
  • interface in the form of libraries & examples of connection with PC applications as well as C/C++, python, Matlab & other languages
  • software development kit for the video system


Brochure – XTPL – Nanometric Lab Printer

Teaser – XTPL – Printing Process

Teaser – XTPL – Nanometric Lab Printer


The heart of the XTPL technology is designed by company’s specialists innovative printing head. It operates on the basis of a unique algorithm & enables ultraprecise application of the ink with nanoparticles and formation of conductive lines. This revolutionary construction is subject to modifications that allow for dedicated application and optimization for a given application field. Basing on the customers’ requirements the company is providing versions adapted to obtain outstanding results.

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Nanoinks manufactured by XTPL exhibit unique physicochemical properties that allow obtaining desired parameters of conductive lines. The majority of our inks are based on silver nanoparticles, we also use other nanomaterials and thanks to that we respond flexibly to the needs of our clients. The composition of XTPL’s nanoinks is each time precisely adjusted to specific requirements.

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Nanoprinting system designed by XTPL makes it possible to precisely apply to the surface a special ink formulated for this purpose in the company’s laboratories. Under the influence of an external electric field, the nanoparticles in the ink create conductive lines according to the specified parameters. As such, the thickness of the individual lines (even below 100 nm), their length and the distance between them all vary depending on a specific application.

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XTPL comprehensive solution for ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials allows for obtaining electrically conductive, optically, biologically and chemically active lines – width range: from below 100 nm to 15 μm. The feature size of printed structures is one of the key parameters in XTPL technology. What makes the XTPL technology unique is the possibility to create lines with a width-to-height aspect ratio close to 1 in a single pass of the printing head.

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