XTPL Submicron Lab Printer

The XTPL technology allows to create ultra-thin and transparent electrically conductive lines which may be used e.g. in manufacturing a new generation of TCF (Transparent Conductive Films) applied in the production of displays, touch screens and flexible electronics.

The XTPL technology can be used in the global industries of thin film solar cells and in the manufacturing of displays, touch screens and flexible electronics. It replaces the rare indium controlled by one country (China) in the production process of transparent conductive films (TCF).

XTPL is an interdisciplinary, well-balanced team of technology experts and business specialists with many years of experience, including international experience.

The company is based at one of the most cutting-edge laboratories in this part of Europe with access to extremely advanced devices and research infrastructure. As a result, we are able to develop our technology at a relatively fast pace and reach new milestones in scaling.

Our experts work at the following laboratories: the numerical simulation laboratory, the materials research laboratory, the nanomaterials and nanoinks laboratory, the XTPL printing laboratory, and the pre- and post-treatment processes laboratory.

XTPL has already received letters of intent from companies from around the world, e.g.: Trina Solar (China), Kingstone (China) and Fraunhofer ISE (Germany).