Submicron conductive lines.
Made of generally available and flexible materials.
Invisible even for the light.


Business Development Leader

Great opportunity for a global career! If you are suitable for this job, please email us (hr@xt-pl.com). Or maybe your friend would fit perfectly? Let her / him know! Job description: Takes ownership for the strategic identification and evaluation of the new business opportunities and partnerships in the areas of printed electronics, display, solar cells, […]

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XTPL presents prototype of the laboratory printer which allows to print ultra-thin conductive lines and wins the most important printed electronics industry award!

XTPL’s lab printer has had its first-ever presentation at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe Show. The company was honoured for its achievement in developing and commercialising printed electronics technologies and won Technical Development Manufacturing Award. The judges of the award were Mr. Ashutosh Tomar, Principal Engineer, Technology Strategy at Jaguar Land Rover and Professor Ulrich […]

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Transparency Extremely thin conductive lines eliminate the effect of light reflection (solar cells absorb more energy from the sun, while displays keep the same brightness using less power).
Conductance Our lines boast extremely good conductive properties. It is possible, because they are less than 1um wide, while staying relatively high.
Flexibility Properties of XTPL’s conductive lines enable their use on pliant surfaces, e.g. in flexible electronics.
Generally available and inexpensive materials Today our technology is based on silver, but we are planning to use copper and non-conductive materials in the nearest future.