Dr Filip Granek CEO Co-founder

The scientific and technological mastermind behind the project, one of the world’s best specialists in cutting-edge technologies of solar cell production and technologies based on nanomaterials. For nearly 10 years, he worked for the most prestigious international hi-tech research facilities and businesses such as Fraunhofer ISE (Germany), ECN (the Netherlands), ANU (Australia), Kingstone Semiconductor Company Ltd. (China). He supervised research in close collaboration with the largest enterprises from the photovoltaic sector in Europe, Asia and the U.S. He received numerous awards and grants, e.g. the Burgen scholarship (Akademia Europea) and the grant of the Foundation for Polish Science. He is a member of the renowned Young Academy of Europe and he was awarded the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant for eminent young scientists, the German DAAD’s grant, the prestigious LIDER research grant from the National Centre for Research and Development, and he was included among top European innovators (“New Europe 100 Challengers”). He authored 70 academic publications and submitted 30 international patent applications and patents.

Sebastian Młodziński CMO Co-Founder

A graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics. He has 15 years of business experience with numerous successes in many sectors, including IT, healthcare, finances and advertising. He boasts multiple awards and prizes. He is a lecturer in finances.

Maciej Adamczyk COO

An experienced manager with 16 years of work in the fields of business development, mergers and acquisitions, finances and B2B sales. He is a graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics and the Warsaw School of Economic (SGH). He was employed in manufacturing, services and trade businesses as well as investment funds.


Krzysztof Fijak R&D Departament Director

Dr Aneta Wiatrowska R&D Team Lead Materials Characterization

Dr Mariusz Ozimek R&D Team Lead Pre- & Post-Treatment Processes

Dr Piotr Kowalczewski R&D Team Lead Numerical Simulations

dr Maciej Zięba R&D Team Lead Nanomaterials and Nanoinks

Przemysław Cichoń R&D Team Lead Print Head