Inks are based on metallic nanoparticles (e.g., Ag or Au) and semiconductor nanomaterials (e.g. light emitting quantum dots).

Metallic printed lines are electrically conductive (resistivity down to 2 Ω/μm).
The printed lines can also be optically, biologically, and chemically active.

Our printers feature a compact design: ink dispensing, line formation and drying process are in a single printing head. The printing head allows a precise dispensing of the ink from a reservoir with adjustable capacity.

Our printers feature a built-in heating and cooling system and a 3-axis precise positioning system with micrometric accuracy.

Our inks are tuned by changing their physicochemical properties, as well as the shape (spheres, wires, rods, rice, triangles) and distribution of nanoparticles.

Our printing solutions are fit:
  • to repair integrated circuits and TFTs (e.g., repairing of open defects)
  • to manufacture new products (flexible electronics, biosensors, smart packaging, medical devices, etc.)
  • for proof-of-concept testing of innovative solutions.

Tailored solutions and materials are available based on customers’ needs.

Please contact us for custom-made solutions: