Basing on the customers’ requirements the company is providing versions adapted to obtain outstanding results, i.e.: pressure version offering versatile method of dispensing that functions across a wide range of viscosities, it ensures fine and repeatable dots and lines and is suitable

for a wide range of applications, from inline to batch dispensing to open defect repair process, whole construction is fully controlled by XTPL own electronics; capillary version – specially designed for ultraprecise and demanding applications, small, robust and easy scalable device that allows for dispensing of the XTPL ink and formulation of electrical signal at the same time, it is used to create submicron & nanometric conductive lines with very small amount of ink (processes where minimum contamination is required – washing & drying no longer needed); multi-electrode version – signal electro-mechanic module controlled by comprehensive & pioneering algorithm created by XTPL as the answer to marked demand for high printing density, allows for creating simultaneously two or more lines, main advantage of this solution is increased speed of printing due to multiplication of electrodes in one compact feature.

XTPL’s printing head, electronics and software algorithms are the core of the system driving the electric field and the assembly process of nanoparticles. This comprehensive solutions are implemented in Nanometric Lab Printer designed & constructed by XTPL team. It is a device enabling advanced research & prototyping by offering necessary functionalities to test, evaluate and use XTPL line-forming technology with nanometric precision and enables positioning of the printing head with micrometric resolution.


Nanoprinting system designed by XTPL makes it possible to precisely apply to the surface a special ink formulated for this purpose in the company’s laboratories. Under the influence of an external electric field, the nanoparticles in the ink create conductive lines according to the specified parameters. As such, the thickness of the individual lines (even below 100 nm), their length and the distance between them all vary depending on a specific application.

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XTPL delivers advanced solutions for research & prototyping. The heart of the XTPL technology – innovative printing head, electronics and software algorithms – all designed by company’s specialists – are the core of the system driving the electric field and the assembly process of nanoparticles. This comprehensive system is implemented in XTPL’s Nanometric Lab Printer.

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