XTPL Submicron Lab Printer

We apply only top-quality nanomaterials with a predefined size, shape and characteristics. The synthesis of nanomaterials with unique properties is the first step toward creating nanoinks having precisely specified parameters such as viscosity or surface tension as well as the key parameters for the production of ultra-fine XTPL lines.

We work in our laboratories on physico-chemical experiments regarding the properties of nanomaterials and nanoinks, with a special emphasis on ageing tests. Nanoinks are continually improved thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists from different fields (chemists, physicists, IT technicians etc.) and their valuable contribution.

Our goal is to create a unique nanoink formula for the XTPL printing process as well as to ensure constant repeatability of nanoinks and to switch their production from laboratory to industry.

Properties of the nanosilver line

The structures developed today on the basis of XTPL’s in-house nanoink have very good transparency, conductance and flexibility. In the course of creating XTPL conductive lines we also control chemical processes.