XTPL Submicron Lab Printer

The XTPL print head is our own in-house design and it enables the application of ink with nanoparticles and formation of the conductive line. It is an electronically controlled system with compact and modular structure, fully parametrized by the user from the level of an intuitive interface. Since the elements of the print head are modular and easy to replace, the changeover/servicing time has been reduced to an absolute minimum. XTPL’s solution also eliminates the need to clean the print head components thanks to the use of one-time inexpensive tips which are replaced after each run. In addition, we have designed the print head in such a way as to prevent any direct contact between the pump and the applied medium. In consequence, we can neutralize errors related to the leftover medium from previous samples and thus increase repeatability, credibility and reliability of the results. This method also allows to analyse various inks/fluids without the necessity of subjecting the device to a time-consuming and expensive cleaning process.

Our solution is compact and it has only few fitting points, which makes its integration into an automatic multi-head system fast and easy. The installation in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal position has no impact on the properties of the process.

The stepper motor works with a fixed torque, it is equipped with immediate start and stop system, it can be operated in an open loop (without control or feedback) and it uses simple frequency-based control of the rotational speed, which increases precision, repeatability, performance, control and the even flow of ink dispensing onto the working surface also in the range of extremely low efficiencies. These dosing parameters are impossible to achieve in pumps with a traditional electromagnetic and motor drive. Owing to the easily programmable system and the stepper motor, the key process of fluid dispensing is even, continuous and unchanging in time from initiation to completion.